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Blogging at I soon realized I wasn’t the only Blogger trying to figure things out. I started writing and sharing How To, Tips and other posts to help Bloggers just like me take their blogs to the level they wanted to reach. I want to share a few of those posts here…

10 Ways To Keep Readers Scrolling

I’ve been reading and “scrolling” different sites and blogs for a while and there are several things that will keep me and/or send me away almost immediately. That’s what helped me decide to make this list.

KeepScrolling - Sqaure

Twitter 101 – Connect, Share & Promote

Twitter is a multi-purpose social media outlet that gives the opportunity to make direct contact on a day to day basis and on many levels.  Twitter allows Bloggers to make contact with Brands, potential Sponsors and Affiliates.  When adding Twitter to your collection of Social Media networks there are a few things that should always be considered. I want to share them with you here in Twitter 101.

Twitter 101 - Connect, Share & Promote

How To Write A Bad Review

Seeking Reviews of products we love versus those we would not choose on our own brings the risk of not liking them. So how do you write a ‘bad’ review?

How To Write A Bad Review |


How To Be Sure Your Business Cards Work For You Instead of Against You

Business Cards can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to leave a lasting impression with someone you’ve met but I’m sharing how to be sure it works for you…and not against you.

How To Be Sure Your Business Cards Work For You Not Against You |

5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags

We see them, share them, recognize them, notice them and connect them with specific brands almost everyday. Yet what about us? Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners just like you and I – can they work for us? Yes! Here are 5 reasons for you to use Branded Hashtags!

5 Reason Hashtags Feat

How To Host A Successful Twitter Party

I realized there wasn’t a lot of information about the How To of being a host for a successful twitter party. Prepping, Promotion, Images, Scripts- I couldn’t find a clear source to tell me the steps I needed to be ready so I decided to change that! In this post I will give you the steps from preparation to party to help you host a successful twitter party!


The Essential Pre Conference Blog Prep Checklist

The top reason to attend a Blog Conference is to grow your Blog – your Brand, that means you want your site to leave the very best first and last impression possible. Grab a pen and a cup of your favorite brew as I share a bit of pre-conference TLC to help your Blog be just as conference ready as you!

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